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As well as providing photographic services, Nick Prior Designs also specialises in affordable website design.

What we do

We can sort out your current website

Nick Prior Designs can help with your current website. Many businesses find that the website they commissioned a few years ago is no longer looking quite as bright and shiny as it once did. You may be finding it difficult to update, your original developer has disappeared, and visitors to the website no longer call back.

Nick Prior Designs can help with that. We’ll spend time with you understanding what is most frustrating about the current site and come up with some tactics for dealing with it, and a longer term strategy for your internet presence. If needs be, for a short term fix, we can even take over updating your site. There may however be some limit to the amount even we can do, and it maybe better to consider a new approach.

We can design you a new website

Nick Prior Designs specialises in the design and implementation of WordPress based websites. These can range from straightforward “brochure” sites to show off your products and services, all the way through to sophisticated ecommerce or event management systems.

We can also assist with finding web hosting that will also work beautifully with your new website.

Your new website will be “responsive” so it will work beautifully on whatever devices visitors to your site use, whether computer, tablet or smartphone. It will also be easy to keep updated with words and especially pictures – just upload your photos and WordPress takes care of the rest. And when it comes to integrating with social media like Facebook or Twitter, it couldn’t be simpler.

We will make sure we understand what your priorities are and, bringing experience derived from spending time with business systems in a wide variety of business and organisation types, we can make practical suggestions for making the most of today’s internet.

We can plan your Search Engine Optimisation

If you want to improve the chances of being found when potential customers search for your products or services in Google, we can assist you with optimising your website. You may be surprised how easy this can be, and how making your website interesting may be all you need to do.

As ever it’s not usually as simple as that, but Nick Prior Designs can guide you through the maze and help you come up with a practical way of working so you’ll never be lost in the search engines again!

Here’s some we’ve done before

Screenshot of Kelso Camera Club website

Kelso Camera Club

Website screenshot of Flight Weaving

Flight Weaving

Chirnside Common Good website

Chirnside Common Good

Screenshot of Crossing Borders website

Crossing Borders

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